Property Managers

Small Footprint Residential

Improve tenant satisfaction.
Lower vacancy rate.
Increase profitability.

How can we help?

Small spaces can be hard to manage. A seemingly simple thing like choosing the right combination of furniture can make or break your tenant experience. Ensuring your tenants are settling in well is key to maintain high occupancy rates and low turnovers. At Minst we understand those problems and we have solutions.

What we do

Furnishing partner

Minst has a collection of specialized furniture pieces for small appartments. If you wish to offer your tenants premium quality options to fill their homes, we have preferential prices and rewards for business partners.

Apartment digital twin

Every apartment is different. Some can go a long way with just a little help and others require that extra level of attention. For the latter, our experts can recreate a digital twin of your space to enable a true tailored fit of the unit.

Custom designs

Out of the cookie cutter doesn't always work and sometimes, we wish certain things we made "just right". If you need a furniture solution to fit specific criterias, w'll do everything we can to make it happen.

Small footprint, big impact

If you're managing a portfolion of small apartments or have multiple units of less than 400 sqft (37 sqm), this is for you.