Who are we?

Born from a desire to improve people's live with refined deisgns and sustainable products, Minst is a young design studio building the way towards a better future for city living.

Established in Montreal, one of Canada's largest cities, Minst offers inventive solutions to people wishing to reduce their environmental footprint by downsizing their living space without sacrificing style, comfort nor quality. You can finally find products that are both practical for small spaces and a pleasure to look at.

Minst is about enabling conscious urban living and doing the most with fewer ressources. While cities account for 70% of global CO2 emissions, they remain our best hope for the future of our planet. Building better and denser is the key to prevent urban sprawl and improve climate efficiencies. This is why we chose to design furniture that fits into your life and your small apartment.

Living in a small space can be a deliberate decision for some and a necessity for others. Regadless of your situation in life, reducing your footprint shouldn't mean you have to reduce your comfort.